Stop color fade! Use No Fade Fresh!

No matter what your hair color goals are, we have you covered! At No Fade Fresh, we have many different shades to choose from to help you achieve and maintain your dream hair… get hi-deposit color straight from our shampoo or conditioner in the shower! Vivids. Pastels. Naturals.

So now fade can be a thing of the past! You can easily achieve fresh vibrancy simply in the comfort of your shower with our semi-permanent shampoo and conditioners. Use every-other ​time you wash your hair to maintain fresh color or whenever you want to change up your color.

No Fade Fresh products give the brightest results on bleached/color treated blonde hair. For color treated brown hair you will get a tone of color. Best results when brown hair has lightest bleached highlights.

• Use our Vivids on bleached/color treated blondes and browns to achieve bright intense color! 

• Use our Pastels on bleached/color treated blondes for commitment free color. 

• Use our Natural blonde, red or brown shades for maintaining color treated natural tones.

Follow our NO FADE FRESH ROUTINE to maximize your results:

Step #1: Apply No Fade Fresh Shampoo to wet hair
Step #2: Lather into hair for 2-5mins
Step #3: Rinse 
Step #4: Follow-up with No Fade Fresh conditioner for added color results
BONUS STEP: To increase the intensity simply repeat. 

So, what are you waiting for? Refresh your faded color with No Fade Fresh!