Twinkling lights, peppermint lattes, and Michael Bublé crooning in the background are surefire signs of the season, but nothing gets us into the holiday spirit more than having our favorite holiday film playing on repeat.

Don’t get us wrong, binging each year’s drop of new cheesy Hallmark films has its place in our hearts and our holiday schedules. But those classics? They always hit just right. And maybe it’s the Holiday Hot Toddy talking, but have you ever thought just how perfect the ‘Judy Haynes’ would be for your work holiday party? Or wondered if you, too, couldn’t pull off the Cameron Diaz makeup look of your dreams? 

You’re not alone, so harem, we’re sharing here how you can mimic the makeup looks of your holiday-favorite leading ladies.

Long before our queen Catherine O’Hara served us lewks for days as Moira Rose, she was the ultimate 90s mom in the original two Home Alone movies. And you know that copper hair color that everyone from Gigi Hadid to Barbie Ferreira started rocking just a few months ago? Kate McCallister did it first.

To channel this iconic and once-again trending look at the salon, ask your hairstylist for lots of dimension, since to really nail a copper, you need a variety of tones. And since red is a high upkeep color, always wash your hair in cool water, and use a color depositing shampoo like No Fade Fresh Shampoo in Spicy Copper Red or color-protecting shampoo such as Colorproof Moisture Shampoo with every wash.