What your coffee order saying about you and how to match it to your hair color 

Ever wonder what your coffee order might say about you? We are diving in to unpack just that and more importantly how to achieve those rich coffee vibe colors in your hair. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte:

You are not about drama. A latte is the perfect amount of steamed milk that cuts the bitterness of the espresso out, a lot like how you handle drama. You are generous and love helping wherever you can. Laid back, dependable and realistic describes both you and a latte perfectly. Decision making isn’t your fav, but you are the ideal team player. 

Having the perfect latte colored hair doesn’t have to be a tough decision. Matching that delicious latte tone is a simple as grabbing No Fade Fresh Spicy Copper Shampoo and Conditioner


There’s nothing wrong with never settling. A lot like a cappuccino you want it all and aren’t afraid to go after it. Your friends would describe you as creative and sociable with a flair of complexity. Boredom is a real thing, especially when it comes to the people around you. Just like a cappuccino you thrive in taking pleasure in the little things and love being a perfectionist. 

Goodbye boredom, say hello to No Fade Fresh. Time to let your creativity soar and start making your own custom hair colors whenever the mood strikes. For the perfect cappuccino hair starting base, use No Fade Fresh Natural Blonde. Natural Blonde shampoo and conditioner is gorgeous on its own for creating a neutral blonde or mix in any other No Fade Fresh color to create your very own cappuccino blend. 

Caffe Mocha:

Hey Bestie! You are the friend that everyone wants. The perfect balance of sweet and bitter, you are warm and sensitive but have that sarcastic streak that keeps people laughing. Quick thinking is your strong suit and your go with the flow attitude makes people gravitate to you. Coffee wouldn’t be your first choice, but you can make anything a good time. Your friends adore your playfulness and lean on you for advice on just about everything. 

You can’t be the life of the party without gorgeous, healthy hair color? 

No Fade Fresh Natural Brown shampoo and conditioner will have your hair looking fab and your friends asking what you use. 

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