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Happy National RedHead Day! In order to celebrate this November 5th, we are bringing you the best tip on becoming a RedHead and always keeping your hair color fresh. 

Traditionally speaking, (artificial) red hair is a pain to maintain. Have you ever tried to be a red head and dread the first shampoo because you know you are going to watch the color go down the drain? Or, have you tried using a “red maintenance” shampoo just to leave the shower with stained hands and nothing but disappointment? Trust us, we’ve been there, too…

Now, with No Fade Fresh being a RedHead is fun, easy, and stress-free! By simply switching to No Fade Fresh color depositing shampoos and conditioners, your red hair never has to fade. Yes, you read that right! This simple switch will have you looking like you just colored your hair AFTER every hair wash day. 

Okay, but how? First–choose from two amazing No Fade Fresh red shades in either Spicy Copper or Bright Red. Next–decide if you want to use the shampoo, conditioner, or, if you are red obsessed–use both! The shampoo and conditioner will add color (instead of strip it) each time you use them. Combine the intense colors with the no sulfate and no paraben formula, and you have your red hair’s new best friend. 

Let us help you choose the right shade for you:

If you are wanting that fiery copper red look (similar to Madelaine Petsch), pick up No Fade Fresh Spicy Copper shampoo and conditioner

Or maybe you are in the market for that show stopping red, like this moment from Bella Hadid. Although it looks high maintenance, using No Fade Fresh Bright Red shampoo and conditioner makes achieving a color like this a breeze.

Next, like we said–trust us–it’s as simple as washing and conditioning your hair. Switch out your regular clear shampoo and conditioner with your choice of red by No Fade Fresh and that’s it!! The shampoo is lathered into the hair and rinsed out. Next, use the conditioner, and let it sit for 2-10 minutes. Just like that–you are a stress-free RedHead! 

Tag us in your best redhead looks using #nofadefresh on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

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